HR Links

HR Links Overview

HR Links is a 100% Indigenous owned recruitment and labour hire company, predominately operating in the civil, mining, oil & gas and construction sectors of the Northern Territory and across Australia.

Whilst recognised as a leader in providing opportunity for Indigenous workers, HR Links is a company for everyone. Getting the right person for the job is a win/win situation that HR Links strives to achieve first time, every time.



HR Links enthusiastically embrace our Indigenous Employment Strategy which is based upon ‘setting people up for success’ and building capacity and economic opportunity for Indigenous Australians.

With Indigenous ownership, there is a well-developed cultural understanding of the communication and mentoring pathways required to support the participation of Indigenous people in employment.



HR Links conduct preliminary recruitment services such as screening, interviewing, reference checking and facilitation of medicals and drug screens for nominated people. These services are negotiated on a case by case basis.


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